Environmental friendly fishing doors

Our mission is to support sustainable fisheries by improving fishing gear technology and to restore biodiversity.

There is an urgent need to support sustainable fishing by minimizing negative seabed impact and maintain biodiversity at the fishing grounds.

The Pluto fishing door was introduced at COP26 in Glasgow by Seafish UK, as an important contribution to more sustainable fishing and how fishing gear can help to reduce carbon emissions.

Ocean pollution related to plastic waste is a giant problem facing the ocean. Millions of tons of plastic waste are discarded every year and much of this finds its way to the sea to become marine plastic waste.

Awareness of limited ocean resources and oceanic pollution has put a world-wide political and economic pressure on the fishing industry to improve fishing technology.

To minimise carbon footprint and CO2 emission, the Pluto doors will be produced in close distance to large market areas and recycling operations.

The Project

The Pluto fishing doors are targeted for the fleet of 8 to 24 meters long motorized boats in the world, counting close to 1 million boats.


The highly efficient Pluto fishing doors minimize negative seabed impact to maintain biodiversity and sustainable fishing.

Increased efficiency

The Pluto fishing doors can reduce up to 25% less fuel consumption and increased catch ratio compared to the old wooden boats.

Circular economy

The Pluto fishing doors are made from recycled plastic and can be returned to the cycle once they have served their purpose.
Circular Economy

Environmental arguments

• Advanced design technology
• No direct bottom contact
• Protect delicate marine habitats
• Reduced fuel consumption
• Reduced carbon emission
• Supports sustainable fishing

Blue circluar economy

• 30 million tonnes of plastic are discarded every year
• 13 million tonnes become marine plastic waste
• Pluto doors are made from recycled plastic
• Returned to cycle at the end of its lifetime

Fishing / Trawling with no direct impact to the seabed

• Pluto fishing doors do not scour the seabed
• Reduces release of carbon dioxide
• Restores productivity and biodiversity
• Reduces habitat destruction
• Supports sustainable fish stocks

To minimise carbon footprint and CO² emission, the Pluto fishing doors will be produced in close distance to large markets areas and recycling operations.

Production locations in end of 2022

Production locations in end of 2025

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